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Steel Plant Equipments

Weldtech Engineers is a name synonymous with quality fabrication in the Steel Plant sector of India. With cutting-edge infrastructure coupled with years of experience and expertise Weldtech manufactures equipments critical to steel plant operations including Electric Arc Furnaces, Ladle Transfer Car, Converter Doghouse Units to name a few.


Electric Arc Furnaces (100t)
Teeming Ladle Transfer Car
Trunion Rings For Ladle Transfer Car
Converter Shell Assembly
SS Grids For Hot Gas Cyclone
Arc Furnace Electrode Supporting Arm Assembly
Structures & Various Parts Of Sponge Iron Plants
Water Cooled Tubes /Hoods
Ss Seal Rings & Stuffing
Boxes For Furnace.
Teeming Ladle Transfer Car Arc Furnace For Hari Machine Steel Plant
Cleaning Cell For L&T Steel Plant